medtrans Class

Welcome to MEDTRANSCLASS.COM, Medical Language Specialist Training Program. I am Kathy Melton, the owner/instructor of this interactive on-line course, taught in real time via oral communication, using a software program called TCConferencing, which is styled as a "chat client." I am very excited to offer this program in a format which has the advantage of being totally accessible for blind or visually impaired individuals.

A student can approach the course in two ways: totally independently with specified one-on-one meetings with me to discuss each unit; or a structured classroomsetting, where students have the advantage of interaction with others as they progress through the course. Because several texts and medical resources have been utilized to bring this course together, a completely oral approach is used for the presentation of the 18 units of information covered. Students transcribe this material, which allows for repetition of the material as it is processed, practice in the typing of medical terminology from the beginning of the course, and a totally oral approach to learning, which creates the proper environment for hearing and understanding the language of medicine.

The TCconferencing chat client allows students to meet in the classroom with the instructor; and/or meet with the instructor and in groups to work on specific material and goals. This is a free download, and requires windows-98 or above (XP preferred). The student will need at least 512 megs or higher of random access memory, a reliable internet connection (preferably high-speed), and a microphone.

Whether a student takes the course independently or as part of a class, the charge is $2500.00 per student, which can be paid in monthly increments.

The curriculum for this program is the same as the "preferred curriculum" from the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity, (AHDI), of which I am a member. The AHDI recommends a two-year program in order to thoroughly cover every aspect of this profession, and my course follows this guideline, give or take a couple of months. Independent students who are true self-starters and who are able to devote significant time to the course, can complete it sooner.

After reading the information AHDI provides in regard to course length, and doing my own survey of fifty medical facilities, I discovered that many employers have to spend three to six months or even longer "training" their new hires. This program is structured to give graduates the opportunity to participate competitively in this profession, without having to be "trained" by an employer, except in regard to the specific transcription program, formatting and style practices of the facility. My goal in offering this in-depth program, is to equip students with enough of a "comfort zone" in each system and specialty that they will be able to compete in the ever-growing need for knowledgeable, skilled medical language specialists! To register for classes, or for more information, please feel free to utilize the contact form provided on this page.